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The market is every 3rd Thursday of the month and located in the beautiful Lytham Square, wonderful at this time of year with all the colourful summer blooms at their glorious best.


I did my first ever market here last month, despite the weather being somewhat inclement to start the sun did come out, even though it was time to pack up by then!


I really enjoyed experiencing the 'market vibe', chatting and laughing with the other 'marketeers' and meeting and greeting new customers so, even though 6 o'clock in the morning is way too early for me to get out of bed, it is going to be a regular event in my calendar. 


The next date is Thursday 17th August, so if you are around and fancy a change to your ususal Thursday come and spend some time at the lovely Leafy Lytham Market, find me and come say hello x



setting up!

Getting my stall ready, a gazebo already waiting for me, another 1st, hence more faffing than usual. I must make sure my table cloths covers those bags next time though!!!

the market square


First ever event for 'The Artisan's Pop-Up', we will be set up by the lake side and it would be lovely to see you there.

September's Lytham Market Day....... a picture is worth a thousand words! I was so disappointed not to get to the market this month, unfortunately rain and my creations do not get on well together! Lets hope it will be a better day for the October Market especially as it will be my last one for the year. I shall be heading off to Cape Town for several weeks, shopping for new textiles, handmade artifacts from the various contacts I have there and, of course, getting some sunshine to get me through the English winter. I will post more details on my Crafty Lady Blog.


I have added more designs to the Festival Bag Collection, you can check them out on the Crafy Lady Creations page. As you know I try to name all my designs and couldn't quite get this 'cat' one right but in my search I discovered the name for referring to a group of cats.... this one is for the quizzers, it is 'A Clowder of Cats', it never ceases to amaze me just how many new pieces of information I come across daily!





Craft & Gift Fair, Saturday 7th October at The Assembly Rooms, Lytham


I am looking forward to being back at The Assembly Rooms and meeting up with other crafters, due to other events I have missed the last couple of fairs here. 

It's situated in the heart of leafy Lytham, a perfect location for a browse through the town, a spot of lunch or afternoon tea and a meander along the seafront.

I look forward to catching up with my customers and meeting new visitors, so please stop by my stall to say hi and have a natter x



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