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There is just something about creating art from nature, sadly I don't consider myself an artist in the traditional sense but once outdoors beachcombing by the shore or the lakeside collecting beautiful stones, worn smooth over time from being tumbled in the waters, or from my woodland walks finding stones worn and craggy I can, by holding and touching the stone, get a design idea that will have synergy with the rock.


All my newly collected rocks are cleaned and soaked with natural detergent and left to dry on the window sill, it would be nice to say they were drying in the sunshine but I would be waxing lyrical given the english weather!


I then prime them with a light covering of a non-toxic waterbased sealer, when I first started my rock art I just went straight in and painted but I now realise that taking time to prepare gives a much better result.


From then I start my design, it very much depends on how I am feeling and the rocks in front of me as to whether I am in spiritual mode and want to create a mandala, or hyper-creative mode and create some rock art. As you can see from my pictures my designs are very eclectic! I use acrylic paints, acid free Tombow paint pens and Posca pens to paint my designs and finish with a coat of polyurethane gloss varnish for protection. 

Wonderful array of colourful stones gathered from 'the scratch patch' at Mineral World, Simons Town, Cape Town.


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