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1st August 2017

Yipee... I published my website I will, of course, be tweaking, faffing and titivating most days I expect, but I am happy. It's amazing all the stuff I have learned while I have been on this journey of website creation enlightenment grasshopper, oops sorry, got a little carried away! My new word of the day has been 'Favicon' which means, for those of you who are like me and just don't know these things... Favourite Icon. So I have spent hours attempting to desize images inorder to put them somewhere on the web, browser or wherever for someones pleasure, somewhere, so if you do spot my teenie, weenie Crafty Lady logo while you are surfing please do let me know, it will make me feel a whole lot better knowing I didn't waste 8 hours of my precious time.


I had a couple of splendid hours browsing around the Abakhan store in Preston this afternoon. It was my first visit to this one, usually I go to the Bolton store or order online. I got some nice fabrics and bits and bobs ready to start designing my autumn/winter collection.... I will keep you updated on my progress.


8th August 2017

Where did that week go!!!!! I have managed to create some new bags though, so guess that's where the time went. Also I have a new project underway, it's in collaboration with with a fellow artisan and I am very excited about it, if all goes to plan I will let you all know about it next week, so for now 'watch this space' for a coming event!








19th August 2017

A lovely day was had last Thursday at this months Lytham Market with lots of people stopping at my stall to buy my wares and have a natter, and the sun was shining.... I know you would think it was summer!!!!!


The exciting news I hinted at last week has been finalised and approved so I can now tell everybody. It's  a combined venture, The Crafty Lady and Soulshine, with the common aim to promote our crafts, hopefully attract similar minded crafters and build an Artisan Collective.


And so I can introduce 'THE ARTISAN'S POP-UP' with our first event a 'Handmade Arts & Crafts Mini-Bazaar' on August Bank Holiday at Fairhaven Lake.


Located between St Anne's and Lytham, the salt water lake is directly on the coast next to Granny's Bay and Stanner Bank. Fairhaven Lake is a beautiful place and one of the borough's most popular attractions. Motor boat, canoe and rowing boats are available for hire, lakeside facilities include a lovely cafe with yummy home baked goodies, the RSPB Discovery Centre, bowling green, tennis courts, basketball court and Skate Park, children's play areas and lots of grassy areas for picnics and lovely coastal walks around the lake footpath.


It would be splendid if you came along and who knows, maybe the sun will shine as well!



The Artisans Pop-Up Bazaar


What a splendid three days we had, the weather was perfect, lots of lovely people stopped by for a chat and to purchased our creations.


We had lots and lots of positive feedback which was, to say the least, very encouraging for us. To quote someone who said 'I love it when a plan comes together', (think it was from the A Team!), it made all of our planning, hectic scheduling, late night crafting, early morning preparations really, really worth it. So, my friends, watch this space 2018 is going to be an exciting, and interesting journey for The Artisans.


If any artisans out there would like to embark on this journey with us please drop me an email and we can keep you updated with out plans.



A late discovery of a clause in our license from Fylde Council forbidding hanging anything from the structure sent me into a spin. My problem was huge, how/where can I display my bags! Necessity is the mother of invention and a big creative effort was called for...... ta dah!, pvc pipe and string, how's that for problem solving! 





Where has the time gone, here we are the first day of a New Year and I've not finished with last year yet!!!!!!!!



I have had an amazing and unforgetable 2017, probably the reason why I don't want to let it go. 


It started with one of those 'special birthday' milestones, one which you can't quite believe you are at, and still can't! I have had two awesome trips to Africa, the first one staying and travelling around Cape Town and my recent one, again based in Cape Town, travelling up to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and nudging into Namibia. So that was a wonderful 12 weeks of the year taken up thanks to my amazing, travelling organisor and companion, my daughter. Not only did I bring back wonderful memories but, of course, some fabulous african fabrics!


I got my creative mojo kickstarted and got The Crafty Lady up and running, designed my first ever website dedicated to crafters everywhere, what awesome people you are, sold my wares at craft fairs where I meet my lovely customers and other crafters, and with my very lovely pal, Soulshine, held our first three day Artisans Bazaar, at Fairhaven Lake.


That my friends, is where my 2017 went!


I am excited at where 2018 will take me, as I start making, creating, painting, stitching and sewing to replace my stock and work on new designs I look forward to the journey, hoping that along the way we may meet at a craft fair or chat on facebook or by email.


Whatever your journey may be in 2018 I wish you happy and peaceful travels x







January was a completely miserable month thanks to me catching some dreadful virus which culminated in a chest infection so, needless to say, I have written off the whole of that month and regained, thankfully, a little spark of creativity around the second week of February. 


Although way behind my schedule I have managed to create some new additions to my African Soul range. A really colourful collection of 'Angel Make-up Bags, so named on account of the lovely little angel charms I used to embellish the zip ends, made from some of the fabric I brought back from Zimbabwe and Botswana. I've also added to the Spec Case collection with some different colours in the Shweshwe fabrics from South Africa, more dark blues and greens as requested by my customers for the men in their life, hope they will like them.


My next craft fair has crept up on me very, very quick, obviously due to my cancelled January! It's next Saturday the 3rd March at Lytham Assembly Rooms so if you are in the area pop along and say hi, that is, of course, providing the Siberian weather that has been forecasted manages to pass us by!!!


Have a look at my new range on the African Soul page and let me know what you think.





Because of a couple of things I decided to have a completely 'off grid summer' and take myself away from the, often self imposed, stresses of keeping up with the demands of social media. Needless to say that I had a wonderful Summer and came back thoroughly renewed with all previous issues well and truly in the 'trash' bin.



I got back into my favourite mixed media art and produced a few cards. I discovered Gelli printing, after I eventually got to understand the technique, I used it on a few of my projects, it really is fun to do and highly addictive!


I've done a couple of fairs at new venues, met and now networking with some very talented crafters and I have a few fairs book for the rest of the year.


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