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craft fusion

My work brings together influences that I have been fortunate to have experienced on my travels. It is a fusion of Eastern, Western and African cultures, inspiring traditional and contempory design creations.  

mandala art

From the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, Mandala translates to mean 'circle'. Starting from a centre point an array of painted dots form a pattern that represent the cosmos. The Mandala is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and a reflection of its creator.

kool katz

Part of my Rock Art collection inspired by my desire and intention to book a visit to the Cat Cafe in Manchester.

happiness rocks!

From my Rock Art collection; 'smile, life is too short to be unhappy' x

pocket angels

Little pocket angels in their own little organza bag make lovely little gifts. To carry in your pocket, hand or to have nearby reminding us that we are always blessed and protected.

happy feet!

Inspiration for my Happy Feet lovelies came from a recent trip whilst in Cape Town to the seaside village of Simons Town to visit the famous colony of African Penguins - once called Jackass Penguins for their hilarious braying call! 


Modern shweshwe fabric comes in many colours, and is used mainly for African traditional dress. It has a rich history from the indigo fabric-makers of India to South Africa via the 18th Century German settlers. These wonderful, colourful bolts of cloth are just gorgeous and perfect for my little sewing projects.

fabric africa

The knowledge of weaving and fabric production has existed for centuries throughout the continent of Africa. During the Trans-Atlantic slavery, many skilled weavers were taken, and took their knowledge along with them to North America, South America and the Caribbean. 

african textiles

African texiles are simply wonderful the colours, patterns and designs are just glorious but, equally enthralling is the rich history they bring, giving an insight into the social, religious, political and cultural African communities. 


From my African Soul collection I designed these toilet/wash/make-up bags from a variety of African fabrics.

festival bags

African Soul collection of the 'Festival Bag' design, created in the Da Gama Three Cats Wax Shweshwe fabric.

glasses case

African Soul collection of african fabric cases perfect for your spectacles and/or sunglasses.

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